Join our Board of Directors!

To help us plan Eat Alberta 2019 and execute some smaller events, we need a couple of food-loving and energetic volunteers to join the Eat Alberta board. So if you're passionate about Alberta food and championing the producers behind local ingredients, we'd love to hear from you, especially if you have experience in the following areas:

  • Securing sponsorships
  • Website/social media

All you need to do to apply is send us an email at In your email, let us know why you want to join the Eat Alberta board and include a short description of your relevant skills and previous volunteer experience.  If we feel you could be a fit with our team, we’ll get in touch to arrange an interview.

Applications will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on May 23, 2018.

Thank you for your interest in Eat Alberta. We look forward to meeting you!


Brieanne, Golnaz, Jens, Jon, Kyra and Tianna
Eat Alberta Board of Directors and Organizing Committee

Recap: Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less

Recap: Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less

For Alberta food lovers, Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less provided an opportunity to meet and work with Alberta chefs and entrepreneurs, smell vegan barbecue and even experience a bidding war over a silent auction item. From the stimulating keynote presentations to the tasty foods enjoyed at Ernest's and created in the kitchen sessions, we hope that our attendees had as much fun as we did.

From Diners to Vegan Cupcakes and Classes: Meet Sarah Louise Foster

From Diners to Vegan Cupcakes and Classes: Meet Sarah Louise Foster

Believe it or not, the story of how Sarah Louise Foster fell in love with cooking started at a truck stop diner in Strathmore. Not because of the food, but because the owners were her parents. Sarah now runs a vegan baking business and teaches vegan food classes in Edmonton, but for this self-taught cook, that experience helped inspire many important decisions in her life.

Big Announcement for Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less!

Big Announcement for Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less!

While we are thrilled people took advantage of our early bird promotion, we understand that others prefer to wait for us to announce our program. If you're one of those people, then we appreciate your patience, as it took some time, but we are now ready to announce not only our Eat Alberta 2018 program, but also when general tickets will be going on sale! 

It’s as easy as "OMG" to improve your gardening skills

February is approaching, which means that we’re getting closer to the start of the Organic Master Gardener (OMG) program. Whether you’re an aspiring green thumb or want to pick up a new skill, the OMG program is a certificate program that provides adult learners with enjoyable learning opportunities in gardening.

The program is offered through the Stony Plain Heritage Agricultural Society at the Stony Plain Multicultural Heritage Centre, with co-operation from GAIA College and the Society of Organic Urban Landcare. Students study three times a month from February to October each year, and while there are no exams, students are responsible for completing projects throughout the year.

The first class this year will be on February 7, 2018, but tomorrow (January 17) is the final information night at the Multicultural Heritage Centre at 7:30 p.m. If you’re looking to learn more about gardening, this information session is the perfect opportunity, so check out their Facebook event for more information.

Also, to learn more about the OMG program, please visit

Eat Alberta 2018 General Ticket Information

As we finish up our holiday leftovers, we prepare ourselves for the excitement of a new year... and for Eat Alberta 2018! We are thrilled that some of you have taken advantage of our early bird tickets and we plan to put together a fun and informative program for our next flagship event.

However, we need some time to finalize our program and to ensure everyone gets into their ideal classes, so we wanted to let everyone know that Eat Alberta 2018 general tickets will go on sale in early February.

We will continue to provide updates through our mailing list, blog and social media, but if you're planning to get early bird tickets, Sunday is your last chance, so don't miss out

Eat Alberta 2018 Announcement!

Eat AB 2018 banner.png

We are excited to announce that April 29, 2018 will be our date for Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less! By finding new uses for the items you already buy or exploring less common ingredients,  Eat Alberta 2018 invites you to cook some creative dishes and learn some tips that could lead to reduced food waste and potentially reducing your grocery bill! 

While we are still confirming our chefs and keynote speaker, we will be continuing our partnership with NAIT, as the day will start once again with a tasty brunch at Ernest's. We are also proud to announce that chef, blogger, and self-described lady butcher Elyse Chatterton will be joining us for Eat Alberta 2018 as one of our session chefs. Some people may see offal and think "Liver, brains and hearts! Oh my!" but Elyse is a master at showing the uses, value and benefits of these cuts. We're so glad to have her back! 

However, that doesn't mean we're not exploring changes this year, as we will be doing an Early Bird promotion all December. 

In this case, you really get more with less, as you save $25 on tickets and get first access to classes once we confirm our chef line-up. Whether it's a Christmas gift for you and a special someone, or a well-deserved gift to yourself, we really hope that you take advantage of this opportunity, so head to Eventbrite starting December 1 to get your tickets!

Of course, if you prefer to "sleep in" and have more knowledge about the classes before buying, no worries! We expect to have more details soon, so stay tuned to the blog and social media for updates!

We can't wait to see you at Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less!

MacEwan University Hives Show the Potential of Urban Beekeeping

MacEwan University Hives Show the Potential of Urban Beekeeping

When it comes to the food industry, there are many initiatives that help ensure we produce enough food to feed future generations, especially with a growing world population. This includes maintaining populations of pollinators, including bees, as they play a crucial role in our food system through supporting plant reproduction.

Edmontonians are stepping up to do their part, as permits for urban beekeeping have increased dramatically since the City of Edmonton amended the by-law in 2015. Among those permits was the one that led to the launch of MacEwan University’s Urban Beekeeping Project in 2016, which is led by its Office of Sustainability and Campus Services.

Alberta Farm Days 2017: HAPPY ACRES U-PICK

Alberta Farm Days 2017: HAPPY ACRES U-PICK

Our last stop was Happy Acres, a U-Pick in the Spruce Grove area with a wide variety of chemical-free fruits and vegetables. As with any U-Pick, availability of items are dependent on season and time of maturation, but there was certainly no shortage when we stopped in with nearly 20 fruits, vegetables and herbs to chose from! They have a sales centre with farm fresh eggs, honey and ice cream (with peanut-free options, which makes me happy) and a gift shop with unique home and garden novelties.

Alberta Farm Days 2017: IRVINGS FARM FRESH

Alberta Farm Days 2017: IRVINGS FARM FRESH

Irvings Farm Fresh Ltd. is owned and operated by Alan and Nicola Irving and located near Round Hill, Alberta. Although both were very experienced in agriculture, they had no idea when they moved their family to Canada in 2005 that they would be raising pigs! When they arrived here, they realized that many of the British pork products they loved in England were not available in Alberta, so they purchased a batch of Berkshire pigs and decided to make their own sausages for family and friends.


By Tianna Albrecht

Open Farm Days- Tianna.jpg

Although it was a bit cooler than the August summer weekend many were hoping for, it was perfect for an Alberta farm road trip! Alberta Farm Days had been written on my calendar for weeks and we were excited!

As their website states, Alberta Open Farm Days is a collaborative, province-wide, two-day event that gives Albertans an opportunity to experience the farm and understand where their food comes from. Open Farm Days started over 10 years ago in the Maritimes, but 2017 marked the fifth annual Open Farm Days in Alberta. This year, over 100 farms participated and featured 16 culinary events, so we had to be selective on our tour (especially since taking the scenic backroad to Ponoka got us lost, decreasing our farm-visit efficiency). 

Rock Ridge Dairy and Irvings Farms may be familiar to many Edmontonians, with their products available for purchase at places like the Strathcona Market and Blush Lane Organic Market, or popping up on menus, such as Cafe Linnea. Since we personally consume these products on the regular (5% whole Jersey milk elevates our Nespresso cappuccinos to gourmet levels), we wanted to see exactly where they come from and learn a few things along the way.


From August 28 - September 2, the Eat Alberta blog will be home to Tianna’s Open Farm Days road trip adventures. Monday's post features a tour of Rock Ridge Dairy from one of our newest members.

Wanted! Our newest social media coordinator!

We are looking for someone to run Eat Alberta’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  From strategy building to implementation to content creation to sharing other content, we are hoping to find someone passionate about local food and about helping us grow our social media presence.

So if you’re all about sending posts, shares, tweets and likes, we would love to hear from you. Please provide us with an email detailing your social media experience and why you want to volunteer with Eat Alberta. Submissions should be sent to by July 12, 2017. We follow up with interview times for selected candidates shortly after.

We look forward to meeting you!


Brieanne, Clarin, Golnaz, Jens, Jon, Loretta and Nathan
Eat Alberta Board of Directors and Organizing Committee

Interested in joining the Eat Alberta team?

We're looking for volunteers!

After a successful Eat Alberta 2017: Back to Basics, we are looking forward to expanding our event repertoire for the rest of 2017 and planning our flagship Eat Alberta 2018 event. To help us realize our future vision, we’re looking for some food-loving, engaged, energetic and team-player volunteers to join our board.

We are an entirely volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to get the word out about Alberta’s diverse foodscape. Naturally, this means celebrating the food itself, but it also includes championing the hard-working producers and the people who work just as hard to prepare it.  The food grown in our lovely province has so many stories to tell and we want to help tell them in a fun and hands-on environment.

If this sounds like an opportunity that you can get excited about, then we would love to have you apply to join our board by emailing us at by June 9, 2017.

We are currently looking for new members with the following skillsets:

  • Event planning
  • Securing sponsorships
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Communications

Please provide a short description of your relevant skills, your previous volunteer experience and why you are interested in being a part of Eat Alberta. If we feel that you could be a great fit with our team, we’ll get in touch to arrange an interview.

Thank you for your interest in Eat Alberta. We look forward to meeting you!


Brieanne, Clarin, Jens, Jon, Loretta and Nathan
Eat Alberta Board of Directors and Organizing Committee

Back to Basics and Loving It!

Back to Basics and Loving It!

On April 23, we hosted Eat Alberta 2017: Back to Basics at the NAIT Hokasan Centre for Culinary Arts. So much good food was made, shared and enjoyed, while attendees learned more about the history of Alberta foods.

Since we were coming back after taking a year off with a new format, we were hoping to return stronger than ever, so it was so encouraging to see so many people looking forward to our sixth conference. However, we were most proud to see how full everyone’s tote bags were at the end of the day and we hope that everyone enjoyed what they made at Eat Alberta 2017.

Dress to Impress with your Apron!

Photo courtesy of  Archive Magazine

Photo courtesy of Archive Magazine

If you’ve read the FAQ for Eat Alberta 2017, you know that an apron is part of the dress code for NAIT’s kitchens. However, the apron will play a special part in this year’s conference, as we encourage you to leave the plain aprons at home and spice up your apron life on April 23!

If you do, then you have a chance of winning our “Best Apron” contest!

We are so excited to partner with Archive Magazine for this contest, as this new Alberta lifestyle magazine explores handmade creations, Canadian destinations and, of course, Alberta food and drink. Not only will the winner receive a one-year subscription to Archive magazine, he or she will also get a bundle of Archive’s first four issues!

Judging this competition will be our Eat Alberta 2017: Back to Basics Master of Ceremonies, Mark Connolly. If you got up early to hear his radio show this morning, then you have a jump-start on the clue that he gave for the contest. However, we want to level the playing field and tell you here as well.

The hint is: self-expression.

Interpret that how you will, as we hope to see some unique aprons at Eat Alberta 2017: Back to Basics.

And if you haven’t registered yet, act fast so you don't to miss out!



Eat Alberta 2017 Session – Tasty Tourtière

Our final entry for the Eat Alberta 2017 session blog entries is “Tasty Tourtière.” When we decided to highlight French Canadian food for this year’s conference, we initially called this session “Pass the Poutine.” However, Steven Brochu, the head chef of Chartier was quick to help us look past the poutine when it came to this kind of cuisine.

If you visit Chartier in Beaumont, you will find poutine on their menu, but you will also find many French Canadian favourites that have been modified for modern food lovers. This includes tourtière, beef bourguignon and a smoked meat sandwich that made the Tomato’s 5th Annual Top 100 Best Things to Eat or Drink in Edmonton (check out #36)!

However, the principles behind the dishes remain the same, as they are still inspired by the combination of local seasonal ingredients to make hearty meals. For Eat Alberta 2017, we are excited to have Steven come to teach session participants about how to use Alberta ingredients to make tourtière.

There are still a couple of slots open for this session, so act now to ensure your attendance to “Tasty Tourtière” for Eat Alberta 2017: Back to Basics.

Register Now>>

Eat Alberta 2017 Session – Chop Suey on the Prairies

Next up for our Eat Alberta 2017 session blog entries is “Chop Suey on the Prairies” and we are excited to announce that our session presenter will be Kitty Poon.

Kitty has over 30 years of experience cooking Chinese and Western food in Edmonton and attained her Journeyman Red Seal from NAIT Culinary School. She has cooked at The Creperie, Walden, various hotel restaurants and the Edmonton General Hospital café, Rendez-Vous.

Chinese restaurants have a strong presence in Alberta and the food has a very interesting history spanning all the way back to the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. At the session, participants will learn how a couple of Canadian-Asian favourites, Kung Pao Chicken and Chicken Spring Rolls.

Session participants will also get something a little extra, thanks to session sponsor Alberta Chicken Producers, as at the end of the session, each participant will get a cookbook and recipe card.

To take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more about Chinese food in Alberta, while getting some free stuff, make sure to pick “Chop Suey on the Prairies” as one of your sessions when you register for Eat Alberta 2017: Back to Basics.

Register Now>>


Once you’re done, check out our recent blog post about the history of Chinese Food in Alberta, Early Chinese Settlement in Alberta and How Chinese Restaurants Helped Establish Community>>