Call for Submission: Eat Alberta Local Food Recipe Roundup

The world has certainly grown smaller over the last few decades. Most of us cook with and eat food that has been shipped to us from all over the globe. A trip to your local supermarket and you will find your choice of fruits, vegetables and meats from the United States, South American and even Asia and Australia. 

The loss in food quality that occurs during transport is considerable. Vegetables harvested thousands of miles away lose much of their vitality by the time they get to your plate, whereas cauliflower or tomatoes from your local CSA box or farmers market, that has been harvested locally are bursting with nutrition on your plate.

We don’t need to look thousands of miles away for produce and meats as there is a wide array around us. A quick look around Alberta we see fruit and vegetables being grown; grains and seeds being harvested; meat, poultry and game being raised; and even fish being fished! All of this is taking place in our backyard, so why do we look for food from these far off places??! 

Each of us have a favourite local producer, don’t we? Mrs. Smith and the honey she sells at the Farmer’s Markets, Fred your neighbourhood butcher selling locally reared meats, or Tom your local vegetable box provider delivery fresh veg to your doorstep, etc.

This recipe roundup was developed to help promote your local Albertan food producers and to share your recipes using their products. This is the place to showcase the wonderful foods available across Alberta. Sweet, savoury or somewhere in between (we do like a good cocktail!) send us your favourite recipe using local Alberta food and tell us a little about the producer or product that is the star of your dish.

We can't wait to see what you have been cooking up! 

Submission guidelines:

  • The post can be old or brand new
  • Write your blog post showcasing an ingredient sourced locally. Important: Tell us a bit about where the ingredient came from and please include a link to the producer, if available.
  • You may submit one post.
  • You must be an Alberta Resident to participate

Submission Details:

Send a link to your postyour first and last name (we will only publish your first name), your blog name and ONE image 640px wide, to Meaghan at by 5pm MT, Sunday March 20, 2016 with the subject line: Local Food Blog Recipe Submission.  

Please note:        

We may use the image you submit to promote the roundup on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  The recipe roundups will be published the week of  April 4th, 2016.