Track of the Day: Vulcan

Today we are heading south to Vulcan County. Vulcan County is on the western edge of the Canadian Badlands region of southern Alberta, surrounded by endless acres of wheat, canola and barley. As you travel from one end to the other of this southern Alberta county, the landscape will change from flatlands to rolling hills, to refreshing valleys, deep blue lakes, mature trees and prairie grass.

For many years Vulcan had more grain elevators than any other location west of Winnipeg. The nine elevators known as "Nine in a Line", each with annexes, stood proud in the Vulcan skyline for over 50 years.  Aside from the production of wheat, barely, and other products which are shipped to nearly 70 countries worldwide, Vulcan also capitalizes on its' famous name and is the Star Trek Capital of Canada! Welcoming Trekkies from around the world.

Much like county it is named for Eat Alberta's Vulcan track will take you on an out of this world journey! 

Session 1: Egg Cookery

Allan Suddaby claims the egg is the single most powerful and versatile ingredient in the kitchen. Participants will learn how to get great local eggs, and best practices for scrambling, frying, poaching, hard-cooking, and devilling those eggs. There will also be discussion and demonstration of egg sauces like mayonnaise, egg foams like meringue, and custards like creme brûlée. 

Session 2: Cooking With Wild Rose 

Debra Krause and Molly MacDougall will be teaching you the whens and hows for foraging wild rose petals and hips, how to prep them for use in the kitchen, and some recipes you can make! Of course, there will be some wild rose goodies to sample as well!

Session 3: Ramen Egg and Miso Broth

Wendy Mah will be teaching you how to prepare the perfect egg for your Miso Ramen. Not only will you learn the steps on how to prepare the perfect egg, you will also discover how to infuse flavours into your own personalized Ramen egg. Now that you are armed with the delicious garnish to any Ramen, why stop there? What makes a great Miso broth? Wendy will explore that too!

Session 4: Traditional Cooked Jam

Carol Cooper will teach you how to make your own traditional cooked jam and with the guidance of Fruits of Sherbrooke turn it into your own personal recipe. Sherbrooke makes their own products with 'rescued' urban fruit that is not being used by homeowners. In this class you will learn the jam making process and most importantly learn to play with flavours to make it totally your own. It is a fun and interactive class where there is a lot of creativity and tasting!

Tickets for Vulcan track are available from YEG Live.