Eat Alberta 2017 Session – Indigenous Workshop

This week, we are highlighting our “Indigenous Workshop” session, which is presented by Shane Chartrand.

Agriculture and food are a key part of Alberta’s history and economy. For the First Nations, their cuisine heavily relies on resourcefulness and creativity to make hearty dishes that are still enjoyed today. As the Executive chef at Sage Restaurant at the River Cree Casino and Resort, Shane creates dishes that refines indigenous cuisine through local foods and using food trends from around the world.

However, while First Nations are an important part of Alberta’s history, indigenous foods are not as prevalent in Alberta restaurants compared to other types of cuisines. Therefore, Shane’s vast knowledge and passion about indigenous foods provides a great opportunity for participants to learn more about the history and secrets behind this culture’s unique dishes.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, then make sure to mark “Indigenous Workshop” as one of your preferred sessions when you register for Eat Alberta 2017: Back to Basics.

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Still not convinced? Then we encourage you to check out, “The Food of Our Land,” a recent article by Avenue Magazine that interviews multiple local chefs, including Shane Chartrand, about what indigenous cuisine is and the importance of keeping these foods relevant in Edmonton.