Eat Alberta 2017 Session – Tasty Tourtière

Our final entry for the Eat Alberta 2017 session blog entries is “Tasty Tourtière.” When we decided to highlight French Canadian food for this year’s conference, we initially called this session “Pass the Poutine.” However, Steven Brochu, the head chef of Chartier was quick to help us look past the poutine when it came to this kind of cuisine.

If you visit Chartier in Beaumont, you will find poutine on their menu, but you will also find many French Canadian favourites that have been modified for modern food lovers. This includes tourtière, beef bourguignon and a smoked meat sandwich that made the Tomato’s 5th Annual Top 100 Best Things to Eat or Drink in Edmonton (check out #36)!

However, the principles behind the dishes remain the same, as they are still inspired by the combination of local seasonal ingredients to make hearty meals. For Eat Alberta 2017, we are excited to have Steven come to teach session participants about how to use Alberta ingredients to make tourtière.

There are still a couple of slots open for this session, so act now to ensure your attendance to “Tasty Tourtière” for Eat Alberta 2017: Back to Basics.

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