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Alberta Farm Days 2017: HAPPY ACRES U-PICK

Alberta Farm Days 2017: HAPPY ACRES U-PICK

Our last stop was Happy Acres, a U-Pick in the Spruce Grove area with a wide variety of chemical-free fruits and vegetables. As with any U-Pick, availability of items are dependent on season and time of maturation, but there was certainly no shortage when we stopped in with nearly 20 fruits, vegetables and herbs to chose from! They have a sales centre with farm fresh eggs, honey and ice cream (with peanut-free options, which makes me happy) and a gift shop with unique home and garden novelties.

Alberta Farm Days 2017: IRVINGS FARM FRESH

Alberta Farm Days 2017: IRVINGS FARM FRESH

Irvings Farm Fresh Ltd. is owned and operated by Alan and Nicola Irving and located near Round Hill, Alberta. Although both were very experienced in agriculture, they had no idea when they moved their family to Canada in 2005 that they would be raising pigs! When they arrived here, they realized that many of the British pork products they loved in England were not available in Alberta, so they purchased a batch of Berkshire pigs and decided to make their own sausages for family and friends.


By Tianna Albrecht

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Although it was a bit cooler than the August summer weekend many were hoping for, it was perfect for an Alberta farm road trip! Alberta Farm Days had been written on my calendar for weeks and we were excited!

As their website states, Alberta Open Farm Days is a collaborative, province-wide, two-day event that gives Albertans an opportunity to experience the farm and understand where their food comes from. Open Farm Days started over 10 years ago in the Maritimes, but 2017 marked the fifth annual Open Farm Days in Alberta. This year, over 100 farms participated and featured 16 culinary events, so we had to be selective on our tour (especially since taking the scenic backroad to Ponoka got us lost, decreasing our farm-visit efficiency). 

Rock Ridge Dairy and Irvings Farms may be familiar to many Edmontonians, with their products available for purchase at places like the Strathcona Market and Blush Lane Organic Market, or popping up on menus, such as Cafe Linnea. Since we personally consume these products on the regular (5% whole Jersey milk elevates our Nespresso cappuccinos to gourmet levels), we wanted to see exactly where they come from and learn a few things along the way.


From August 28 - September 2, the Eat Alberta blog will be home to Tianna’s Open Farm Days road trip adventures. Monday's post features a tour of Rock Ridge Dairy from one of our newest members.