Organic Master Gardener Program

It’s as easy as "OMG" to improve your gardening skills

February is approaching, which means that we’re getting closer to the start of the Organic Master Gardener (OMG) program. Whether you’re an aspiring green thumb or want to pick up a new skill, the OMG program is a certificate program that provides adult learners with enjoyable learning opportunities in gardening.

The program is offered through the Stony Plain Heritage Agricultural Society at the Stony Plain Multicultural Heritage Centre, with co-operation from GAIA College and the Society of Organic Urban Landcare. Students study three times a month from February to October each year, and while there are no exams, students are responsible for completing projects throughout the year.

The first class this year will be on February 7, 2018, but tomorrow (January 17) is the final information night at the Multicultural Heritage Centre at 7:30 p.m. If you’re looking to learn more about gardening, this information session is the perfect opportunity, so check out their Facebook event for more information.

Also, to learn more about the OMG program, please visit