Recap: Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less

Recap: Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less

For Alberta food lovers, Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less provided an opportunity to meet and work with Alberta chefs and entrepreneurs, smell vegan barbecue and even experience a bidding war over a silent auction item. From the stimulating keynote presentations to the tasty foods enjoyed at Ernest's and created in the kitchen sessions, we hope that our attendees had as much fun as we did.

Big Announcement for Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less!

Big Announcement for Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less!

While we are thrilled people took advantage of our early bird promotion, we understand that others prefer to wait for us to announce our program. If you're one of those people, then we appreciate your patience, as it took some time, but we are now ready to announce not only our Eat Alberta 2018 program, but also when general tickets will be going on sale! 

Eat Alberta 2018 Announcement!

Eat AB 2018 banner.png

We are excited to announce that April 29, 2018 will be our date for Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less! By finding new uses for the items you already buy or exploring less common ingredients,  Eat Alberta 2018 invites you to cook some creative dishes and learn some tips that could lead to reduced food waste and potentially reducing your grocery bill! 

While we are still confirming our chefs and keynote speaker, we will be continuing our partnership with NAIT, as the day will start once again with a tasty brunch at Ernest's. We are also proud to announce that chef, blogger, and self-described lady butcher Elyse Chatterton will be joining us for Eat Alberta 2018 as one of our session chefs. Some people may see offal and think "Liver, brains and hearts! Oh my!" but Elyse is a master at showing the uses, value and benefits of these cuts. We're so glad to have her back! 

However, that doesn't mean we're not exploring changes this year, as we will be doing an Early Bird promotion all December. 

In this case, you really get more with less, as you save $25 on tickets and get first access to classes once we confirm our chef line-up. Whether it's a Christmas gift for you and a special someone, or a well-deserved gift to yourself, we really hope that you take advantage of this opportunity, so head to Eventbrite starting December 1 to get your tickets!

Of course, if you prefer to "sleep in" and have more knowledge about the classes before buying, no worries! We expect to have more details soon, so stay tuned to the blog and social media for updates!

We can't wait to see you at Eat Alberta 2018: More with Less!

Back to Basics and Loving It!

Back to Basics and Loving It!

On April 23, we hosted Eat Alberta 2017: Back to Basics at the NAIT Hokasan Centre for Culinary Arts. So much good food was made, shared and enjoyed, while attendees learned more about the history of Alberta foods.

Since we were coming back after taking a year off with a new format, we were hoping to return stronger than ever, so it was so encouraging to see so many people looking forward to our sixth conference. However, we were most proud to see how full everyone’s tote bags were at the end of the day and we hope that everyone enjoyed what they made at Eat Alberta 2017.

Exciting Changes Ahead for Eat Alberta

Since Eat Alberta’s inaugural event in April 2011 our mission has been to encourage and inspire Albertans to connect with each other, to learn about and enjoy the bounty of Alberta food.

Much like the evolving Alberta food culture and community, Eat Alberta is excited to announce that our organization is also evolving with the goal to share our passion for eating local with more Albertans than ever before.

What does 2016 hold for Eat Alberta?
Over the next few months we will be unveiling two significant changes for the organization. First, Eat Alberta will be launching a new visual identity. We are pleased to share that over the past few months we have been working with DDB Canada to create a new visual identity for Eat Alberta and we can not wait to share our new look with all of you!

Secondly in an effort to connect with more local food enthusiasts this year, we plan to celebrate all that Alberta has to offer by hosting smaller events throughout 2016. The Eat Alberta Series will be a collection of everything you have come to know, appreciate and love from our one-day workshop conference. The events will be supported by expanded online content, which will be released throughout the year to help you cook, taste and enjoy the best of Alberta’s bounty.

The one-day Eat Alberta Conference remains our flagship activity. To our loyal volunteers, presenters and past attendees we thank you for your continued support. We look forward to once again hosting our workshop conference in 2017.

How do you find out more?
Details of the Eat Alberta Series and the developing online resources will be released throughout 2016. To stay in the loop with our announcements and content releases, please follow our social media channels, newsletter and website blog.