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Eat Alberta Conference Attendee Reviews

There are many advocates of the local and in-season food movements. Not because of trend but because it really does make sense… asparagus from the local farmer in May and June is going to taste infinitely better than the asparagus that is planed-trained-and-automobiled to you from the far reaches. It is being eaten when it should be. It is going to take less time from the day that it is harvested to the day that it reaches your table. It is going to feel good to support your local economy and community. It’s a whole lotta win.
— Christine from "Wannafoodie"
The day ended far too quickly, I was sad when we hit the ‘Wind Down’ even though the tasting plates were divine! Big thank yous going out to the sponsors of the tasting: Mighty Trio Organics and Gold Forest Grains. I think I said to more than a handful of people, that I would pay for a multi-day conference just so I could’ve taken more classes.
— Sarah from "In My Element"
To end the day was Sourdough 101: Basic Yeast Farming with Owen Petersen of Prairie Mill Bread Co. The class was probably one of the funniest I’d had all day, a great way to end the conference! We learned about starters – Owen had named his Julie – how to take care of it, feed it, keep it alive and use it. Everyone got a little baggie full of Julie to take home with them so we could make more sourdough, as well as Owen‘s blessing to rename her as she grows, matures and morphs into a different beast under our individual care.
— Mr. Moo from "Mr. Moo's Adventures"
Most importantly we learned that people like the Ruzickas work hard not only to put conscientiously raised food on their own table, but on the tables of Albertans as well. Hopefully now, more people will understand why someone like award-winning Chef Blair Lebsack supports this young farming family and why his Range Road 135 Field to Fork dinner on their property last year was a phenomenal success.
— Twyla from "It's a Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Life"
I’m still taking it all in and it’s 3 days post-conference. Eat Alberta 2012 was such a wonderful event! The people, the sessions, topics, energy, and smell of delicious food being prepared. So delightful! I taught 2 sessions at Eat Alberta on canning fruits and vegetables. This was my first time teaching such large group, so I was a bit nervous, but within minutes, I felt I was in my element when in the kitchens at NAIT. It was so fun to actually get to do this in a professional kitchen! I am a avid canner and love sharing my skills and knowledge with others. I find I always learn something new too, so I like to think of it going both ways and learning from each other.
— Amy from "Urban Food Preserver"
Eat Alberta 2012 was held at NAIT this year. We felt so very privileged to be granted the opportunity to use this space as they have never done this before. What a difference it made to elevating our humble little event to a world class culinary event equivalent to any I have ever been to or could ever wish to go to. The staff at NAIT was second to none and I wish to publicly thank Chef Stanley Townsend and the Head of House,Samantha Wall, both of NAIT, for making this happen. The Four TA’s that worked in the kitchen, as well as the staff in Ernest’s, were exemplary.
— Valerie from "A Canadian Foodie"