Keynote Presentation

Eat Alberta is excited to announce Takota Coen as the keynote speaker for our 2015 conference.  Takota will be speaking about ways in how permaculture design can save the family farm

Permaculture is the science and conscious design of connections. In this presentation, Takota will provide practical examples of how family farms everywhere can use the principles and design methodologies of permaculture to strengthen our local food systems, restore the environment, and ensure profitability.

Using Grass Roots Family Farm as a case study, Takota will illustrate how various elements like honey bees, forest finished Berkshire pigs, grass fed beef, free range forest garden chickens, and many agroforestry zones are all interacting to facilitate a system of abundance for all..

Bread 101.3:  Owen Petersen will be taking you through simple steps to have fresh sourdough in your own home by your own hands.

Egg Cookery:  Allan Suddaby claims the egg is the single most powerful and versatile ingredient in the kitchen. Participants will learn how to get great local eggs, and best practices for scrambling, frying, poaching, hard-cooking, and devilling those eggs. There will also be discussion and demonstration of egg sauces like mayonnaise, egg foams like meringue, and custards like creme brûlée. 

Cooking With Wild Rose: Debra Krause and Molly MacDougall will be teaching you the whens and hows for foraging wild rose petals and hips, how to prep them for use in the kitchen, and some recipes you can make! Of course, there will be some wild rose goodies to sample as well!

Corn Tortillas - If You Make Them, They Will Come: Elaine Wilson - Latin food is a hands-down favourite for almost everyone. Bright, fresh, delicious, and incredible flavourful, it's the best, really-easy recipe to prepare. Corn tortillas are the foundation for the most popular of street foods - tacos! Hand made tortillas are fast, easy, and way more delicious than any you buy at the store - and Elaine's have no preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients. Students will make a batch of dough, press tortillas, and fry them - then enjoy them with a variety of fillings, avocado, and salsa. The big brother to the Mexican tortilla is the Salvadoran pupusa. A pan-fried corn patty stuffed with meat or cheese, the crispy outside and tender interior make a delicious snack and party food. Students will make a batch and enjoy with curatido, a Salavadoran slaw. They will also get to take home a batch of dough and Elaine has arranged a special deal with Tienda Latina for students in this class who want to stock their Latin pantry at a discount! 

Offal Doesn't Taste Awful:  Elyse Chatterton - Liver, kidney, and heart may not feature in your regular meal plan, but there is really no reason why they can't! Most offal is lean, high in protein, packed with vitamins and minerals, and it's cheap - what's not to love! In this class Elyse will show you how to give a little love to these under appreciated animal parts. She will discuss how to select it, trim, and prepare it, and she will be cooking some fabulous Offal Tapas. Time for you to see if this old school ingredient deserves a place on your dinner table. 

Green Onion Cakes from Scratch: Ming Franks - Do you love to order green onion cakes with your take-out Chinese food? Are they on the must-try/must-have list at Taste of Edmonton every year? If so, join Ming for a hands on session about how to make this tasty snack from scratch. She'll start by mixing up a batch of dough for you to take home to make some Green Onion Cakes for your friends and family. Then, she'll roll out a batch in class to fry up and try with some tasty dipping sauces!

Making Honest Dumplings:  Ray Ma will be teaching you how to make the perfect dumpling from scratch and what to look for when you create your first batch of Honest Dumplings. You will get a chance to hand fold your very own dumplings and stuff them with a variety of ingredients!

Cooking From Your Root Cellar - A Class on Cooking Local in Early May:  Kathryn Joel returns this year to teach Eat Alberta participants about using seasonal vegetables in early spring. This time of year in Alberta is the time to draw on the Root Cellar and the Greenhouse when it comes to eating local, so Kathryn will be using a selection from both in this class on eating local in early May. Expect a mezze selection of appetizers from the roots available at Old Strathcona, including Carrots, Beets, Sunchokes - and a smattering of produce from our local greenhouses too. 

The Ramen Egg and Miso Broth:  Wendy Mah will be teaching you how to prepare the perfect egg for your Miso Ramen. Not only will you learn the steps on how to prepare the perfect egg, you will also discover how to infuse flavours into your own personalized Ramen egg. Now that you are armed with the delicious garnish to any Ramen, why stop there? What makes a great Miso broth? Wendy will explore that too!. 

Wild Foods of Alberta:  Eric Whitehead - Learn about wild food in Alberta, how to harvest, preserve, and enjoy gourmet free wild food. Have a taste of some gourmet wild food, and learn to cook with wild food. 

Cheese Education and Tasting: How does something as simple as milk get converted into thousands of different types of cheeses? Let Addie take you through a journey of aromas, flavours, and textures from cheeses that are young and fresh to those that are nutty and old. He will guide you through the science of cheese making, while talking about the cultural influences of cheeses from around the world. As the class winds down, the focus will shift towards Alberta cheeses and understanding the essence of terroir. You will leave the class equipped with ideas of how to prepare a cheese board, how to pair cheese and beer, and innovative ideas of employing cheese in the kitchen. 

Pie Making Basics:  Erica Vliegenthart - The secret to the success of a great pie is all in the method. This class will teach you the skills you need to make the perfect pie dough overtime. Learn about different pie filling options and how to execute a beautiful lattice topping. Everyone will go home with a small pie and some pie dough to practice with at home!

Unique Flavour Combinations When Making Cooked Jam!:  Carol Cooper - Make your own traditional cooked jam and with the guidance of Fruits of Sherbrooke turn it into your own personal recipe. Sherbrooke makes their own products with 'rescued' urban fruit that is not being used by homeowners. They then create unique flavour profiles that are not found elsewhere - like Apple Lime Cardamom, and Mango Orange Rhubarb, and Taffy Apple. In this class you will learn the jam making process and most importantly learn to play with flavours to make it totally your own. It is a fun and interactive class where there is a lot of creativity and tasting!

Farm to Glass - Local Ingredients in Global Cocktails: Evan Watson of Three Boars Eatery will tell you everything you need to know about creating and tasting cocktails using local ingredients. 

You Can Garden Anywhere! Sprouts, Micro Greens, and Shoots: In this workshop, Cathryn Sprague will cover the basics of year round indoor gardening, including sprouting (jar and sprouter methods) as well as micro green and shoot production (in soil). Participants will receive trays/cells, jars, and seeds which we will plant together during the workshop. Participants will be able to bring the trays and jars home to grow and enjoy later. During the workshop we will also taste a salad made with the micro greens and shoots we grow!