Jens Gerbitz

Jens is a born-and-raised Edmontonian. Despite having lived abroad and away for some years, he was eventually drawn back to the city of his birth and mis-education.  Jens' passions lie in the realm of photography and bread, not necessarily in that order, and this summer he plans to make full use of a brick wood-burning bread oven he built with his father a couple of years ago. With it, he plans to dive into the glutenous (if not gluttonous) possibilities of this fascinating food, not to mention his German heritage.

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Brieanne Graham

Brieanne has lived in Edmonton for her entire life and realized her passion for local food through knowledge gained working as a Communications Officer in the agriculture industry. Now, she strives to expand her knowledge of local foods, while learning more of the stories behind Alberta companies and food products.

Clarin Wong

Clarin grew up in the tropical country of Malaysia.   Studied and lived in Winnipeg before she moved to Edmonton about 9 years ago.   Clarin’s passion lies in travelling, wine and food.  

Travelling is a lifetime passion of Clarin’s.  In all her travel adventures, she had enjoyed many local cuisines from street hawker’s food to white table cloth fine dining restaurants.  Most recently in her latest trip to Peru, had the privilege of dining in Maido; the Top 13 restaurant in the world.  She enjoys cooking and loves trying out new recipes, often times adding her own twist.

Jonatan billiau

John grew up and spent most of his life eating cheese and drinking beer in Belgium, until he moved to Canada 4 years ago. Missing his favourite foods, he has since taken on a DIY approach to food by baking his own bread, curing his own meats and aging his own cheese at home. John loves to share his learned knowledge by conducting various classes and demonstrations across the city. In 2015 he came in 2nd in the Canadian Food Championships and was one of the only amateur cooks to make it to the World Food Championships in Florida.  


Kyra Cusveller

Kyra is an Albertan anomaly - vegan, in Canada's beef capital? It's easier than you think! She loves the power food has to bring people together, and will buy extra chairs if it means you'll come over for brunch. Kyra works in communications and fund development for a local non profit, and enjoys travelling, hiking, and surprising people who don't think baking can taste good without eggs or butter.

Simmon Hofstetter

Simmon is an import from British Columbia, having spent the last 15 years in Edmonton. During the day, he works to help Alberta’s food and agriculture industry address emerging challenges, while at night he hopelessly advocates for Swiss cuisine- Kirschtorte, anyone? As a constant dabbler in the food world, he loves to see the growing appreciation of Alberta’s local fare and, more importantly, local talent. For the low price of a coffee (you should probably add Kirsch to that) he’ll happily chat about anything food.


Tianna Albrecht

Tianna grew up in small town Saskatchewan. Potlucks, holiday suppers, bake sales, etc. were at the heart of a tight-knit, active community . There isn't a better example of how food brings people together than in a small town! When harvest came around, farmers were combining sunrise to sunset, beets and dill from the garden meant fresh Borscht, and Grandma would have a new batch of chokecherry jam! Building close relationships with community members allowed her to understand the hard work behind producing the food we eat and instilled a desire to do as much of her own cooking and baking as she can, trying new recipes and techniques along the way!